Researcher to Innovator (R2I)

Researcher to Innovator (R2I)

The Researcher to Innovator (R2I) bootcamp offers an introduction to commercialisation and aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset of Early Career Researchers, develop their innovative thinking, as well as enhance their understanding of the commercialisation process.

The R2I bootcamp comprises of a series of interactive and informative, personal and professional development sessions, and introduces planning tools for those with ideas that may have the potential to be taken forward.

The outcome of the bootcamp could be:

  • A completed researcher canvas outlining a plan to further their research.
  • A completed lean canvas outlining market discovery activities and the key conversations needed to quickly validate any initial assumptions. 

R2I Boot-camp topics include:

  • The importance of your 'three brains
  • Effectuation
  • The entrepreneurial mind-set
  • IP and you
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-efficacy
  • Your resource profile

FSE Innovation Academy - Researcher to Innovator (R2I) Programme 2022-3

We have announced the call for participants on the next FSE Innovation Academy - Researcher to Innovator (R2I) Programme.

 This training programme is open to all current research students and early career research staff who may be interested in developing the knowledge created through their research into products, services or processes and  exploring the commercial viability of their ideas.

Find out more and register.