Entrepreneurship for All

No matter the degree subject, access to entrepreneurship education equips individuals with a skillset to spot opportunities and innovate.

Manchester is a city of innovation, enterprise, discovery, and impact. At the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre, our mission is to enable the next generation of changemakers, innovators and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality.

We provide activities for all stages of the University of Manchester experience, from first-year undergraduates to cutting-edge researchers.

Our opportunities include:

  • Taught elective units available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Competitions for students, recent graduates, and researchers.
  • Early-stage start-up funding for students, recent graduates, and staff.
  • Workshops for all, including the MECItHappen Series for students to gain skills such as Time Management and Personal Branding, and a series of workshops for PhD students to develop entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Programmes for researchers to create impact from their research ideas.
  • Drop-ins, mentoring and networks.