Key 5 Microlearning

Explore our innovative microlearning, providing you with the essential entrepreneurial skills you need in today's fast-paced world, whether you want to start a business or thrive in an existing organisation.

Key 5 Microlearning

An immersive introduction to the world of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about start-ups. It’s about communication, building connections, problem-solving, presenting your ideas, market awareness and more - all essential skills for success, wherever life after university takes you. 

Our microlearning suite covers five universal skills, in 10-15 minutes each, that are useful across different fields and disciplines:

  • Effective and Powerful Communication
  • Networking
  • Market Awareness
  • Opportunity Recognition (coming soon)
  • Building Confidence (coming soon)

No matter your current skill level or knowledge, our microlearning will help you to grow. All students can enhance their skills with this microlearning, however, we expect 1st and 2nd year Undergraduates to gain the most benefit.

Become the hero of your own story

Handle alien negotiations successfully, bring down the dragon with your carefully curated team, and develop a world-changing product in the first three modules, before embarking on a new adventure that will help you consolidate your learning and learn how to recognise opportunities and communicate solutions.

Learn anywhere, from any device, at a time that suits you, then take your lessons into the real world and enhance your life skills.

Our entrepreneurship microlearning will set you up with the skills you need to build your success, from navigating job interviews to making new connections, delivering professional presentations, engaging in group work, handling negotiations, developing your research skills, and everything in between.

Start your story...

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Coming soon - Opportunity Recognition, Building Confidence

Learn more about how these modules have been developed to accommodate a range of access needs. 

Your questions answered

Why learn entrepreneurship skills?

Despite what many people think, entrepreneurship isn’t just for those wanting to start their own business or develop a new product.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a good communicator, learning how to navigate and understand not just verbal cues, but physical ones, too.

You need to know where to look to build your professional network, understanding the best way to present yourself and your cause so you can reach the right people.

You need to know how to conduct market research successfully, getting to the heart of your audience’s pain points, needs and challenges in order to develop and market an effective solution.

All of these skills are vital to ensure your next steps in the world of work are successful, wherever you’re headed.


How will fictional dragon-fighting and universe-hopping teach me more about entrepreneurship?

Research shows that lessons are more likely to stick when they’re fun, engaging and conducted in a low-stress environment. In a recent study conducted by Whitton and Langan, a large part of creating “fun” lessons ultimately boils down to:

  • Being able to take part in an activity, rather than passively watching or listening
  • Including an element of novelty or surprise
  • Incorporating experiential and real-life learning 

(Whitton and Langan, 2019, p. 1005)

And this is the learning experience we’ve sought to create with The Key 5. By working through these microlearning modules, each of which is designed to provide immersive, scenario-based learning through engaging storytelling and activities, you’re given the option to experiment with responses, review different outcomes, and assess the best course of action, developing vital critical thinking skills that you can subsequently apply to real-life situations.

What skills will these stories help me to develop?

As you navigate through the fictional worlds we’ve developed for the Key 5, you’ll learn more about:

  • Effective communication
  • Tools for expanding your network
  • How to encourage investment into your cause
  • Conducting market research successfully
  • How to analyse audiences and competitors
  • Key considerations for effective ideation and opportunity recognition
  • How to define your values and reflect them when presenting your ideas

As well as a host of skills that will help you when meeting new people and communicating your goals in a professional context. 


Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level?

We invite you to enrol on our entrepreneurship taught units - these courses, available to all students across both semesters, equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for you to build successful careers or launch your own venture.

We also have a wide range of events, workshops, drop-in sessions and competitions providing opportunities to encourage you to develop your ideas and the confidence to start a business.