International Support

Discover the support available for international students and graduates looking to start a business.

International Support

We're proud to belong to a global university and we support our international students and graduates to establish businesses both in the UK and in their home countries.

If you are an international student with a Student or Tier 4 visa, you are limited in the type of “business related activity” that you can engage in while you hold this visa. For more information, please refer to the UK Government website.

At the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre, we are happy to welcome all students & recent graduates to any of our events & workshops.

Startup Visa Scheme

The Startup Visa scheme has now closed permanently, and we are unable to endorse any more applications for a Startup visa endorsement. However, we are able to refer students and recent graduates looking to start-up in the UK to Innovator International who are endorsing bodies for the new post-study entrepreneurship scheme.